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Future proofing heart health: The role of LDL cholesterol and diet

Benecol recently supported part 1 and 2 of the MyNutriWeb webinars 'Future Proofing Heart Health: The Role of LDL Cholesterol and Diet.'

Presented by Alan Flanagan, post-graduate researcher at the University of Surrey, and chaired by Lynne Garton RD, Consultant Dietitian at Heart UK, part 1 of this webinar covers the causal role of LDL-C in atherosclerosis and the effect of diet on LDL-C. Part 2 covers the effect of the diet on LDL-C and also focuses on diet and cardiovascular (CVD) risk.

The webinars have also been approved for CPD by the BDA and AfN accredited.

LDL-C is the number one causal risk factor for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. The effect of elevated LDL-C is cumulative over the course of the lifespan, which is why maintaining lower LDL-C levels from an earlier age significantly reduces risk for CVD.

Dietary and lifestyle intervention, including the daily use of plant stanols, can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Part 1 & 2 cover:

  • Evidence for the ‘lower is better’ treatment model for LDL-C
  • Current evidence for dietary intervention, including dietary patterns and specific nutrients
  • Considerations for at-risk groups (menopausal women, younger adults and people living with diabetes, overweight and obesity or family history of CVD/CHD) that could benefit from a cholesterol lowering diet sooner rather than later.

To find out more and watch part 1, please access the recording on the MyNutriWeb website here and to watch part 2, please click here.

To download a PDF visual summary of the key messages from the webinars visit the MyNutriWeb website here


You can also access a downloadable infographic summarising the latest evidence on dietary interventions to reduce cholesterol here

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