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About Benecol

Bene – meaning ‘good’, and -col, ‘cholesterol’: the only range of foods to contain plant stanol ester, the unique cholesterol-lowering ingredient.

We’ve been helping people all over the world enjoy healthy eating for nearly 25 years.

It all started with Ingmar Wester, a Finnish scientist who knew that plant stanols reduce cholesterol by partly blocking its entry to the bloodstream.

After years of research he combined plant stanols with rapeseed oil, creating plant stanol ester. This unique, patented ingredient could then be used in food to lower cholesterol without compromising on taste.

Plant stanol ester remains the basis of the entire Benecol® range today. Because living well – by taking care of cholesterol – can be combined with a life well-lived, full of great food, friends and family.

A history of helping you be more healthy

Benecol® foods were launched in Ingmar’s home country of Finland in 1995 as part of major public health initiative to lower the nation’s cholesterol.

Our first product, a margarine, was so popular that supermarket supplies had to be rationed!

Nearly two decades later and our range has grown to include spreads, yogurts & yogurt drinks trusted by millions around the world for their delicious, convenient and proven way to lower cholesterol.

The plant stanol ester in Benecol foods has been identified as one of the ten greatest nutritional discoveries in the world over the past 30 years.

Leading nutrition researchers concluded that plant stanols are among the few nutritional components that can truly lower cholesterol, a risk factor for coronary heart disease. And there are over 80 clinical studies to prove it.

Discover the range

You might already be doing some of the things that help reduce cholesterol, like exercise or healthy eating.

We can help your hard work go even further with a range of products that are simple to switch into your routine.

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