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Staying healthy at Christmas

Christmas and feasting go hand-in-hand, which can wreak havoc on eating habits. But these tips will help you enjoy tasty treats and keep your heart happy this festive season.

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Keep eating regular meals

You might think it’d be better to cut out the odd breakfast to make up for going crazy at a big dinner – but in fact the healthiest thing to do is to stick with your regular habits. Even if you do eat a little too much on one day, treat the next day as a new start and get back to your usual habits.

Fill a modest plate

Temptation is everywhere at Christmas. But the main challenge can be overcome if you put a manageable amount of food on your plate, rather than overloading it with goodies. Or if you prefer, try using a smaller plate for a smaller festive feast.

Keep a food diary

You might find it helpful to keep a diary of what you eat, so you can make sure you’re keeping a balance of different types of foods during this period. Consider the balance between saturated vs non-saturated fats among the treats you’re eating.

Maintain a routine

Between the parties and gatherings it’s important to keep up other aspects of your healthy lifestyle over Christmas as best you can. Squeezing in even a bit of your exercise routine will help boost your metabolism, give you some time out from the Christmas tunes and make you feel less like overindulging.

Include Benecol®

Don’t forget to include Benecol® foods! It’s easy to let this slip during the festive season but you can only benefit from the cholesterol lowering effects of the plant stanols in Benecol® if you consume the recommended daily amount.

Try putting out a Benecol spread to go with your Christmas leftovers or switch a Benecol yogurt for cream over your mince pie or Christmas pudding.