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That caring friend... every heart deserves one

Let’s celebrate friendships and the relationships that make us happier and healthier, as our friends and loved ones are often the people that encourage us to look after ourselves.
One way we can look after ourselves is by supporting our heart-health through diet and exercise.
Just one bottle of our delicious yogurt drink a day lowers your cholesterol by 7-10% in just 2 to 3 weeks thanks to our unique plant stanols.

Plant stanol ester has been shown to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. The beneficial effect has been shown with a daily intake of 1.5-2,4g plant stanols, as part, of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Benecol is delighted to partner with Jo Whiley to highlight the importance of caring for others and ourselves. Jo’s husband discovered he had high cholesterol a few years ago and has been on a cholesterol lowering journey ever since. In the UK, 4in 10 Adults have high cholesterol. It may not be you, but it could be somebody you care about.

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You might already be doing some of the things that help reduce cholesterol, like exercise or healthy eating.

We can help your hard work go even further with a range of products that are simple to switch into your routine.

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You can lower your cholesterol in as little as 2-3 weeks

It’s easier than it sounds! Simply eating Benecol foods each day as part of your healthy diet can lower your cholesterol by 7–10% within three weeks, thanks to the plant stanols in these foods.*

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*When 1.5–2.4g of plant stanols are consumed daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
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