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What is and who owns Benecol?


Benecol is the global brand name for a range of great tasting foods containing the unique, patented ingredient plant stanol ester, which has been shown to lower cholesterol and keep it lower with everyday use. There’s even a clue in the name – Bene – meaning ‘good’, and col, ‘cholesterol’.

A daily intake of 1.5 and 2.4g of plant stanols lowers cholesterol by 7-10% in just two to three weeks, when eaten as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which includes your ‘5-a-day’. There are lots of Benecol products to choose from, including yogurts, yogurt drinks and spreads, so making a switch to Benecol and your everyday routine has never been easier.

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Who owns Benecol?

Raisio Plc, a Finnish company, is the owner of both the Benecol brand and the unique, patented ingredient – plant stanol ester.